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Using PRC-Tools

This manual documents the extra tools and particular caveats associated with using the GNU Compiler Collection, GCC, to compile programs for Palm OS. It corresponds to the current pre-release development version of prc-tools (so some functionality described may not be present in earlier releases), and was last modified on 26 November 2003.

1. Palm OS-specific GCC features  Features (and mis-features) specific to Palm OS.
2. Global data  Accessing global data.
3. Special projects  Large applications, libraries, stand-alone code, etc.
4. Definition files  Using a project definition file.
5. Using a debugger  Enabling and using a debugger.

6. Post-linker and other tools  

6.1 build-prc  Combine resources into a single .prc database.
6.2 multigen  Generate support files for multiple code resources.
6.3 stubgen  ...or for shared libraries.
6.4 obj-res  Make resources from a bfd executable.
6.5 palmdev-prep  Inform GCC of the locations of Palm OS SDKs.
6.6 trapfilt  Decode Palm OS trap vectors.