Palm OS Development Documentation

Using PRC-Tools gives an overview of the whole tool chain, and details of features specific to this Palm OS port. The remainder are the user manuals for the various GNU packages used in the tool chain.

The tools described in these manuals can be configured for use with several different targets. Historically, prc-tools was configured for m68k-palmos-coff; nowadays it is normally configured for m68k-palmos and arm-palmos.

These manuals refer to the tools they describe using their generic target-neutral names. Most tools in the prc-tools package are cross-compiler tools rather than native ones, and the convention is to prefix these commands with their target so as to distinguish them from their native counterparts. For example, the GDB manual describes the gdb command, but for debugging against a Palm OS device you actually want to use the m68k-palmos-gdb command.

The exceptions are make, which is a native tool and neither has nor needs any Palm OS-specific functionality, and build-prc and palmdev-prep, which are Palm OS-specific but not specific to any one particular Palm OS target. In these cases, the command you type is just the name of the utility, as is.

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