Palm OS programming with GCC

The prc-tools package is a collection of tools supporting C and C++ programming for Palm OS. It consists of:

The current release, prc-tools 2.3, was released on 2003-09-18.


Samples and useful tools

The sample code collection available via the downloads page contains some moderately non-trivial applications as well as simple demonstrations of how to build more advanced projects such as applications with multiple code sections, system and GLib shared libraries, and HackMaster hacks.

One of these samples, ErrorCodes, is a useful tool for decoding the error codes returned by Palm OS API functions. There is also an explanation of error codes and an online error decoder.

The Finger and Puzzle examples in recent Palm OS SDKs build out of the box with prc-tools, and most of the others can be converted easily. Some Palm OS licensees also provide samples usable with prc-tools in their SDKs.


If you'd like to help maintain prc-tools, please drop us a line on the mailing list that you can find via our SourceForge project page.